Electronic Tax,

Check & Reporting

Electronic Tax,

Check & Reporting

At XCell Payroll, we strive to make the daily payroll operations of your business as simple as possible. Our team of experienced payroll professionals will work with you to design a system that meets the unique needs of your small business.


With so much of our information now available digitally, it’s important to consider adapting to an exclusively digital payroll system. We provide a variety of electronic payroll solutions to our clients including electronic tax services, digital payroll, and electronic reporting. We hope that by offering these electronic services, we make it easy for you to manage your business in a time and place that is convenient for you.

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Electronic Payroll Services Personalized for You

No matter the scope or complexity of your existing payroll system, we will work with you to create a streamlined electronic payroll system that meets your unique needs.

With online payroll that is accessible 24/7, we make it easy for both you and your employees to access the information you need quickly. Whether you need to track your employee’s hours, monitor your current payroll, or access a tax document, you will have that ability on your online payroll platform.


An online payroll system eliminates time-consuming tasks such as locating W-2s, providing pay stubs, and manually updating direct deposit information for your employees. Our team is always available to answer any questions that you may have regarding your online payroll system and monitor your payroll for any errors.

Although paper checks are still a valid form of payment, direct deposit is quickly becoming the standard approach to payday. Using direct deposit, your employees will receive their paychecks directly into their designated bank account. 


This system is highly beneficial for both employers and employees as it simplifies the payment process and minimizes the opportunities for errors regarding payroll.

As a small business owner, you know how crucial it is to maintain proper documentation of payroll, withholdings, and other important information. We provide our clients with convenient electronic reporting following each payroll which allows you to keep track of the needs of your business. These digital reports can be customized to include the information that is pertinent to your business needs. Unlike traditional paper reports, electronic reports can be conveniently stored online, minimizing the important paperwork that you need to keep track of.

One of the most stressful areas of payroll management for more small businesses is tax withholdings and deposits. With rules and regulations that are constantly updated, new policies to abide by, and complicated tax codes, there is great room for error.


Our team of professionals will make sure that you are withholding the proper amount of taxes from each paycheck and that your payroll taxes are filed accurately. Errors in this area of your business could result in penalties at both the state and federal levels of government. 


We withhold and file your payroll taxes electronically, eliminating a heavy burden off of your shoulders.

Our electronic payroll system provides us with the ability to include extensive reporting features geared to your unique business needs. From tracking your employee’s time and attendance to verifying your upcoming payroll, we make it easy to access the information that you need.


We pride ourselves in providing our clients with streamlined payroll solutions that are customized to their needs and desires.

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Benefits of Electronic Payroll Systems

There are many benefits of opting for an electronic payroll system. We have found that clients who implement an electronic system quickly realize how simple this approach to payroll management is.


The traditional way of managing payroll provides many opportunities for human error. From manually tracking employees hours to writing out each paper check, payroll mistakes could cost your business thousands of dollars.


Electronic payroll systems provide incredibly accurate results, especially when they are overseen by one of the payroll experts at XCell Payroll. 


An electronic approach to payroll is also much more reliable than more traditional methods. With direct deposit, employees can be confident that they will receive their paycheck on time, regardless of the circumstances. Electronic payroll services allow you to maintain your reputation as a reliable employer while eliminating costly payroll errors.


One of our goals at XCell Payroll is to enable our clients to spend more time on the aspects of their business that they love. When you implement an electronic payroll system, you save time that would otherwise be spent preparing and distributing paychecks, answering questions, and navigating payroll taxes.


With an electronic payroll system, your employees can access their data to update direct deposit information, verify their hours, and resolve other payroll issues. The time you would’ve spent managing your payroll can now be dedicated to tasks that improve your business and generate income.


Electronic systems eliminate the clutter that is created by payroll information. When your payroll data is stored digitally, you no longer need to worry about organizing the clutter that seems to take over your workspace.


Nothing is more frustrating than needing to find important information regarding payroll and struggling to locate it. With an electronic payroll system in place, both you and your employees will have quick and easy access to pertinent information in an online database.


As an employer, you must maintain records of each employee for up to three years. Depending on the size of your business, this could require quite a bit of space and organization. Switching to an electronic system will provide you with electronic storage for your digital records, eliminating the need for storage space.

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Implement Electronic Payroll Systems for Your Small Business

XCell Payroll strives to provide payroll solutions that simplify your life as a small business owner. As payroll specialists, we have the tools and training necessary to implement a streamlined electronic payroll system that meets the needs of both you and your employees. Contact our team today for more information regarding our electronic services!